Are you a swinger? Do you love to stand around and watch, or have sex with your own or other spouse partner in full view of others? If yes, will this story give your some inspiration for the sex swapping act?

A German who was dissatisfied over the size of his manhood is facing charges for swapping with his brother after having sex with his girlfriend in the dark.

Out of self pity in one’s sexual performance and afraid of losing his girlfriend, he insisted to keep the lights off during sex and pretended to go to the bathroom in order to get his brother to take his place every time.

His brother would enter the room and have sex with the girlfriend then leave before the lights came on.

This man has been got away for nearly two months until his girlfriend happened to turn on the night one night. So what’s the deceiving act?

The trick is both men look similar and make it a point of not speaking whenever impersonating sibling. The case closed with the man has been charged with accessory to rape, and his impersonated brother has been charged with rape.

Who’s know it is all about sex to satisfy the urge to have casual sex.