Taiwan S.H.E. member Ella Chen was voted Taiwan’s most beautiful lady in a recent poll by a local paper, beating Taiwan top supermodel Lin Zhi Ling who was known as most beautiful lady in Taiwan all the time. So, is Ella the most beautiful lady in Taiwan now? The other two members of S.H.E. Selina and Hebe are pretty also but both of them not even in the list.

Ella tops the poll which was held for 25 days with 5844 votes, 699 votes ahead of Lin Zhi Ling who ranked second. See the picture of Taiwan’s top supermodel Lin Zhi Ling below, just compare her with Taiwan’s most beautiful lady Ella Chen.


Ella herself also surprised by the result when she was told that she tops the poll. The result has caused quite some debates in Internet’s forums as fans are accusing each other for cheating and abusing the voting system.