A 26-year-old unemployed Egyptian man Sayyed Mahmoud Abou Dief filed a police report that a man has stolen his kidney. It was happened three years ago when a man promised to get a job for him at Libya but he was asked to go for a pre-employment check-up in a hospital.

He was sedated and woke up hours later in the hospital and feeling acute pain on his right side. He noticed a long deep scar on his right side and later he realized he had lost a kidney.

Later he filed a police report and forensic examiners proved that he had lost a kidney but this poor man has no proof on paper that these people have done this to him and the hospital also denied that they carried out operation for him.

“I went to the Presidential Palace three months ago and told them I want to meet the president … I took my shirt off and showed them my scar. They said ‘go away or we will detain you’,” the poor Egyptian said.