World’s biggest sporting event in 2008 is about one year to go but the organizers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics tell the world that they are ready. 133 Chinese musicians from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan recorded the theme song We Are Ready for 2008 Beijing Olympics in different studios. Recordings have been going on simultaneously in different studios since July 23, and later mixing and editing with the help of the Internet.


The musicians who participated includes Taiwan pop singer Elva Hsiao, Hong Kong’s Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee and Alan Tam, “Super Girl” Zhang Liangying and rock veteran Wang Feng from the China.


We Are Ready was composed by famed musicians Peter Kam and Keith Chan for the celebration of the one-year anniversary to the start of the 2008 Olympics.


The official release of the song is slated for August 4, days before the countdown begins on August 8, through the Wireless Music Chart and other media outlets throughout China.