American pop singer Gwen Stefani is going to Malaysia for her concert on August 21, 2007. However, there will be no revealing costumes at Gwen Stefani’s concert after Muslim students protested her sexy outfits and steamy performances that would clash with local Asian and Islamic values.

The organizer Maxis Communications Bhd. said it respects the values and conventions of this country and pledged that Stefani would follow the local code of ethics for foreign artists, which bans the unnecessary baring of skin. “Gwen Stefani has confirmed that her concert will not feature any revealing costumes. She will abide by the Malaysian authorities’ guidelines to ensure that her show will not be offensive to local sensitivities,” the spokesman of Maxis Communication Bhd. said.

It is estimated 9,000 people will be watching the show in Malaysia, it is one of the stops on Stefani’s Sweet Escape world tour.
Other than no revealing costumes, Stefani is to follow the culture that jumping, shouting and the throwing of objects are barred in her concert in Malaysia, while performers may not hug, kiss or wear clothes with obscene or drug-related pictures or slogans.

“We want the organizers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene,” said Mohamad Hilmi Ramli, the president National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students.