Two golden retrievers are smart enough to help their master to carry bags home from supermarket just like a maid’s role. Their actions always attract the attention of the passersby. The two smart dogs named Lila and Yama, are part of the family members in Wu family.

They are very intelligent, always help their master carry bags, keep purse from being robbed, and pass on their owner’s mobile phone when it is ringing. These two dogs have very special skill that can recognize the mobile phones that belong to the family members. They can tell whose phone is ringing and immediately pass it to its owner. They also can bring the right phone set to its owner whenever someone wants to make call.

Yama is a 4-year-old mother who weighs about 40 kilograms and can hold objects up to 5kg in her mouth. It was brought from Britain in 2003 and have received professional training at a dog school. Yama gave birth to Lila two years later, it is 35 kilograms, can carry in her mouth objects weighing up to 4 kg.

Someone offered Mrs. Wu 50,000 yuan (6,600 U.S. dollars) last year for Lila but she refused to sell. Mrs. Wu treats these two pets very well and loves them like her daughters. Mrs Wu said it costs her around three to four thousand yuan (or 396-528 U.S. dollars) per month to raise her pets. They are well fed with bottled milk, pig liver and other dog food, bought from Japan.