Bottled water sales are the main revenue for Pepsi and Coca-Cola over theirs own brands of traditional carbonated sodas which are declining due to health concerns. This prompted the two corporate to start selling bottled water by claiming it originated from springs or purified water but in fact they are filtering public water source without obvious mentioning.

Pepsi mentioned in their Aquafina brand that it comes from ‘PWC’ without much elaboration. While Coca-Cola mentioned in their Dasana brand that it did mention in corporate website that it is purified water. However, both corporate has indeed confused their consumers thinking the water is coming from the spring source until Corporate Accountability International has been probing and pressing Pepsi, Coca-Cola and others to mention on the label that the bottled water drink comes from the same source of tap water from public supply, of course through the process of purifying or distilling.

The general advice would be bottle it at home by using water filtration system, like Pur which is much more economical and genuine in every sense.