The Mexican, Manuel Uribe, 41, was the world’s fattest man listed by the Guinness Book of Records with the weight of 560 kilograms (1,234 pounds) as seen here at his home in 2006. Guinness has recognized his weighty achievement with a glass plaque. Today, a loss of 200kgs (440 pounds) may create another new world record for him as the man who lost the most weight.

Manuel Uribe was unable to leave his home when he was tipping the scales at 560kgs but he managed to do it in Monterrey, northern Mexico in March aboard a trailer to celebrate his weight loss.

“They gave it to me, I have it in my hands,” said Manuel Uribe, who founded an organization to help overweight people. He appeared on television in 2006 seeking help for his excess weight. He has spent in bed for more than 20 years.

Manuel Uribe’s photograph appears in the 2008 Guinness Book of Records alongside a description of the treatment he has had and offers of surgery he has received. He said the editor of the book had promised to visit him next year, and held out the possibility of appearing in the 2009 edition as the man who had lost the most weight.

“I’m glad to be in the Guinness Book as the fattest man. I am also happy to have lost 200 kilos,” said Manuel Uribe.