Ron Paul who also earned nickname Dr. No, believing to vote against any bill found violating the constitution. His full name is Ronald Ernest Paul, born on 20th August, 1935 is a 10th term congressman from lake Jackson, Texas, a physician and also a current candidate for the Republican nomination in 2008 presidential election.

His current fund raising surprisingly not from any special interest group but received very well from the involuntary support of his supporters and this earned him number three when it comes to cash on hand, well ahead of his one time Republican forerunner John McCain.

The tremendous growth in financial support definitely is his best indicator of the widespread support while Dr. Paul continues to spread his message of freedom.

He is the probably the maverick candidate who doesn’t spend nearly as much as others to achieve his popularity as he has demonstrated the knack for inspiring people to promote him.

His strong libertarian learnings message of less government, less foreign intervention and more personal liberties resonate with the average American, is quoted as saying:
“I think people have underestimated the number of people in this country who are interested in a freedom message.”