The X-Files actor, David Duchovny’s wife, also an actress, Tea Leoni, passed out after getting intimate with husband David Duchovny during steamy sauna sex. It was early on in their relationship and they found themselves getting hot and heavy while on a weekend getaway and it was up in Vancouver.

David Duchovny told The Sun that they went to one of the islands and the place that he rented for the weekend had a sauna. “It was really early in the relationship and we were just all over each other and the sauna wasn’t going to stop me,” David Said. “I recovered pretty quickly. She got a little enervated.”

But while David admits he was more than happy to get jigging in a sauna, he shivers at the idea of him and Tea Leoni making love on-screen. He added: “I can’t imagine what would be worse than watching people that actually have sex on camera. So I wouldn’t want to inflict that on you, and I wouldn’t want to inflict it upon my relationship either. I think Tea’s just a terrific actress, and if I wasn’t married to her, I would want to work with her all the time.”