Is this little girl cute? I believed most of us will answer “Yes”. She is Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying, 3-year-old. She was reported missing since last week by her mother when walked away from her car to pay her parking ticket at market hawker centre, Penang. The news was immediately spread throughout Malaysia and many volunteers and bodies carried out campaign helpping this lady to find her daughter. In fact, the mother lies to the world, Ying Ying is believed have been murdered by her mother’s boyfriend before her mother lodged police report.

During the investigation, the mother and her boyfriend were arrested and suspected involved in the little girl’s death. So far, three bone parts, a collarbone and parts of an arm were found and confirmed to be those of a child. The bones, together with some burnt clothing have been sent to the Chemistry Department for DNA analysis to determine if they belonged to Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying.

According to Ying Ying’s teacher, she was cutest in class, loved to sing, and she was a talented little artist too.

Before the official result of DNA analysis is announced, we really hope that this cute little girl, Ying Ying is still alive…