This new invention phone condom originated from Dutch is a multi-colour sheath which fit snugly onto your cell phone while sustaining its properties of water proof , paint and mud proof in addition to its usual ‘leak proof’. The inspiration came from painting his swimming pool and no way can he answer with his dirty hands, meanwhile his partner was carrying condoms with him and the ideas came into existence. To appeal to the mass, he devised a skin deep condom by changing to non-lubricating material.

More coming up to simple and yet quicky 4 steps to wear the condom…

They named it Skin Mobile Protector, and availabie in multicolour packs for your enjoyment. Not to worry , it does come with various sizes to those who thinking to have more in the case if want to turn it the other way round and to put on jelly for actual usage. So, your partner is getting the protection too. There is an old saying it is better to be safe than sorry. What a invention!

Simple Quicky 4 Steps To Wear the Condom