Simply Google


Creator Chris McEvoy – Simply Google is one page search engine for all your needs as well as products and services.

Simply Google is an unofficial portal for Google apps and services.Google has hundreds if not thousands of products and services , bookmark it certainly is not convenient and feasible at all.Now , this is where Simply Google allows you to search all in one formulated page.

However , market research shows there are four main search engines for 99.99% of their searches: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and . But in order to optimize it , Charles Knight looks no further by creating search engines you have never seen before in his original mere best 100 which would getting better and better in the end of the year as to how the Simply Google can be enhanced.

“Instead of squeezing through the keyhole in order to reach Google’s 37 search options, Simply Google places all of those choices and many, many more all on the very first page; neatly arranged in columns.”according to Charles Knight.

More coming up to how Simply Google can perform in one page by categorising and with a few clicks , and you are there , isn’t it simply amazing!…


Simply Google just turned 1 year old and averaging 1,200 visits per day , and truly the traffic will be getting more and more once users find its promising feature.So don’t forget , Simply Googles is a comprehensive once for all one page search engine irregardless of looking for multiple categories , websites and even downloading as you can name it.Sound great and practical, isn’t it?

Now you can try it yourself by clicking Simply Google