If you want to know if someone’s breasts are real, just squeeze them. That is what supermodel Tyra Banks did in her hit daytime show. She quizzed American Idol star about reports of her getting breast implants. The sexy and beautiful idol protested that her tits were natural. Banks coolly asked: Can I touch them? McPhee answered, ‘Go ahead.’ The result: ‘The boobs are real!’ The show’s ratings must have jumped notches and McPee’s breasts are confirmed to be natural. Are these two putting on a show for publicity? Well, groping a celebrity’s breasts is a new in a TV show. Might see more of it in the future though.


Looks like McPhee has advanced past her idol contestants in terms of publicity. Her name, face and boobs will be splashed across the tube, tabloids and magazine covers. Sexy figure, bouncy boobs, and a sweet smile are always popular with the masses. McPhee sure knows how to get attention. Surely even Simon Cowell will be bowled over or silenced by this little stunt. But how long will it last? Will she be remembered more for her tits or for her voice? Or has her willingness to reveal herself and bare her body to the public transfer many adult males ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ into paradise? Here is a video clip of the famous grabbing of Katherine McPhee’s breasts by Banks.