sacha.jpg Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame is in hot soup. He shot off his mouth (as he did in the comedy) by claiming this time that he had got a British woman pregnant. The woman is crying foul. She clarified that she met the actor twenty years ago on a trip to Israel. They were with the Jewish youth group, Habonim. But they had never had any sexual encounter throughout the time, according to the woman. Is it a case of male ego boasting of non-existent sexual prowess? Well, the woman is hauling him to court and she’s also suing him for calling her a bitch and a minger. Borat reportedly said to friends: “Me used to go out with this bitch called Heddi Cundle.” Looks like Borat’s penis is getting too big for his feet. Or is the woman seeking publicity through the newly rising star?

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