The secrets of da Vinci remain hidden…

14527.jpgYou are an apprentice to da Vinci’s greatest disciple, Francesco Melzi. However, having done something disgraceful and been fired, you are now given a letter to visit da Vinci’s last home under false credentials and search for a hidden manuscript. The year is 1522, three years after the great artist’s death.

In your adventure, if you can make the beautiful Madame Babou fall for you, she’ll become an important ally. King Francois I of France is also extremely interested in all things Da Vinci. Furthermore, Saturnin, the mysterious curator of the museum (formerly da Vinci’s house) knows a great deal but remains secretive.

You’re required to solve problems as you progress through the game. The challenges range from moderate to difficult. For example, you have to mix a potion in da Vinci’s lab or fix a clock that Vinci broke to enter a place in the house. Upon completing a puzzle, you’re sometimes jerked back to the past where you will learn more about Da Vinci’s motives for concealing the manuscript. A morality meter will indicate whether your course of action leans towards good or the evil. This in turn will restrict the way you can behave in the game. When you become too good, you won’t be able lie or steal useful objects to get what you want. Similarly, when you lean towards evil, you won’t be able to do kind deeds.

The game is quite realistic and interesting as it engages you to solve puzzles and investigate a hidden mystery. The setting and costumes in the game also bring you to a fantasy world where your skills and problem-solving abilities will reveal one of history’s greatest secrets….

The Secret of Da Vinci – Introduction to the Game