Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While all lovers are busy preparing their valentine gift, have you thought about how you can really express that special feeling you have for your loved one? What gift can possibly measure your love?

Sometimes love doesn’t need special occasions to deliver. It is part and parcel of your life. The little things you do to your loved one, though simple, mean more than a candlelit dinner in a luxurious restaurant, or a 5-carot diamond. Read the following somewhere:

How, when you’re ill, he is a much better nurse than you are, bringing you hot toddies, soup in a mug, a hot water bottle.

When you returned home from hospital with a broken shoulder and found the full evidence of his love for you – your toothbrush carefully prepared with toothpaste, a glass of water ready, your painkillers counted out.

When, the day before going into hospital for an operation, he nipped out on a mystery errand. The next day, while he was in the operating theatre, a bunch of flowers was delivered to you. The message read: “Unconscious I may be, but I still love you!”

How nice it feels to buy him the latest vintage car or fishing magazine when he is ill, even though the subject bores you stiff

How he often gives you a great big hug in unromantic places: in the supermarket queue, or while watching TV

The fact that you don’t mind his mother, brother and best friend all ringing to ask what they should get him for his birthday present even though this means you have to rack your brain for ideas

How he brings you a cup of tea in the morning.

How it suddenly hits you at a party just how nice looking he is and how lucky you are to be going home with him when you see him chatting to another woman

The times when you have heard that proud sound in his voice as he tells someone: “you’ll have to ask my wife, she’s very good at and knows all about that.”

How you sleep on his side of the bed when he’s away so it’s less lonely

The times when he calls you at work and says: “it was nothing really – we just haven’t spoken today.”

How huffy he got that time you mentioned how gorgeous Keanu Reeve is – you had to reassure him quickly that he was far more gorgeous
The way he unexpectedly met you after work that day when there was a thunderstorm because he was sure you had gone out without your umbrella

The time you found a new bottle of contact lens solution on the dressing table; he simply said he’d had to go to the chemist and he’d noticed you were running low

The way he always pushes the car seat back to your driving position when he’s finished using the car – and unlocks the passenger door for you before he gets in the driving side.

How, when you’re driving and another motorist cuts you up, he always gets cross on your behalf and you don’t have to get raised blood pressure complaining about it yourself

How he will stick pins in the hem you want to take up without complaining (much) – he’s actually got quite good at it

How, though he hates ironing as much as you do, when he’s doing a shirt he will ask if you have anything you want done

The way that silly old pet name he gave you ages ago still pops out now and again, even when you are out together in public

When he leaves the car full of petrol because he knows you’ll be using it

When he runs the car engine on cold mornings so it warms up before you get in

When you arrive home to a gin and tonic with ice and lemon, supper on the go and all the washing put away

When your new shoes gave you bad blisters. Although they are size seven and he takes size eight, he wore them for a full day at work to break them in for you.

When he cycles to work in the morning because he knows you need to use the car – and it’s uphill all the way.

When you returned from work to find he had run you a bath and lit scented candles. Then he washed you hair, massaged your feet, cooked you dinner and serenaded you with a song…