Sexy and Strong – John Legend

John Legend is the suave crooner who steals the hearts of thousands of women all over the world with his masculine voice and handsome looks. But he is no Mr Arrogant or stupid jock. He respects women and has a down-to-earth attitude towards the women he dates. He believes in a clean and healthy lifestyle and doesn’t drink or do drugs. He appreciates all things that are well conceived and created by talented minds. He draws inspiration from listening to the music of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley and The Beatles. He also appreciates great art and writing.

A self-confessed bookworm and nerd, John Legend was a studious and ambitious student in his schooldays. His real name is John Stevens. He was student body president and majored in English literature and culture at the University of Pennsylvania. But his passion for music had been unwavering since young. He started playing gospel and classical piano at the age of four. The accomplished singer-songwriter and pianist, however, also had his feet on the ground. He worked for three years as a management consultant in a nine-to-five job in Boston and New York, so he learnt a lot about how businesses are run. He persevered in the club scene of New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. through sheer grit and hard work before getting the chance to release life recordings of his performances.

A combination of natural charm and sensitive thoughtfulness as well as practical determination and strength, John Legend is irresistible. His albums, Get Lifted and Once Again, reflect his musical talent as well as his remarkable personality.

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