Michael Jordan, wife Juanita divorce after 17 years

They have money; they have glory; they have fame. They can buy brash jewelry, fairytale homes, luxury cars, etc. Many people admire them for their talent and success. But they can’t buy love.

Former NBA star Michael Jordan and his wife Juanita filed for divorce last December after 17 years together. Jason Kidd and Joumana are now divorced. And there are many more….

A study in United States has shown that 80 percent of professional athletes see their marriages end in divorce. The report by the National Association of College Sports Directors (NACDA) points out that this staggering divorce figure compares with the national average of 52 percent.

They have wealth, but why can’t they have love? Many athletes leave everything – their own company, the family, the children, etc. to their wives to handle when they are away for competitions. They might be away for weeks or months. This burden is too heavy for their partners to carry.

Besides, when these athletes retire, they seem to lose direction. They don’t know what to do. The money does not flow in anymore but they are still spending like there’s no tomorrow. They have financial worries and they have to work like everyone else. This scares a lot of guys. This sort of anxiety has repercussions on the couple until they split.

Jason Kidd accuses Joumana of abusing their Children. In fact there have been a lot of problems exist between this couples. If you can remember, Jason Kidd was arrested before for beating Joumana and spitting a French fry in her face. And now, Kidd files for divorce from wife Joumana.