He hosted Animal Planet’s “The Crocodile Hunter” since October 1996. He is the undisputed animal lover. He immersed himself with the animals and educated viewers about the beauty in creatures people would say are ugly and scary. People honoured him by calling him the “Crocodile Hunter”.

He is Steve Irwin. Born in Essendon, Victoria, Australia in 1962, Steve Irwin is somebody that you can’t forget. Steve Irwin died while filming Ocean’s Deadliest. He was killed when a stingray barb fatally pierced his heart last September 4. After Irwin’s death, thousands of people left mementos and flowers at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, where Irwins’s “Crocoseum” served as the site of a Sept 20 memorial service to respect this Crocodile Hunter.

Ocean’s Deadliest, a 90-minute documentary featuring some of the most dangerous residents off Australia’s coast, is simulcast on Animal Planet and discovery Channel in the United States recently. Following Ocean’s Deadliest is a half-hour programme that honours Irwin. The tribute includes previously unaired footage and also a little more personal details on Irwin.

The death of Irwin shocked a lot of people. His idea and effort had reformed conventional animal programming to be more lively and interesting. You can see in his final documentary, Ocean’s Deadliest, Steve had displayed an exuberant passion for deep sea creatures. Ocean’s Deadliest is a special documentary. You can see how Irwin defines his understanding of these creatures. He demonstrates how a stonefish, a dark, craggy creature resembling a rock, can inject venom from its dorsal spines into a human foot. He also educates people by showing how whale-hunting and pollution destroy sea life, and offers stark visual reminders that fishermen’s nets can snare turtles, dolphins and sea birds as well as fish.

Ocean’s Deadliest does not refer to Irwin’s death until its closing shot: a still photo of Irwin, smiling broadly, and the words “In Memory of Steve Irwin”. It got a little emotional at the end.

Irwin had left his family, his friends, and others. But his spirit, his enthusiasm and his passion towards wildlife will remain forever in many people’s hearts.

“… I kept thinking of all the things Steve and I talked about… how humankind is the deadliest predator in the Ocean….” said Philippe Cousteau, a friend of Steve Irwin – the Crocodile Hunter. How true – as Steve’s documentary reminds us.

Born in Victoria, Australia and later relocated to Queensland, the Irwin family started a small reptile park in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast. In 1973, the Australia Zoo opened their doors to the public and it became a true family business. The young Irwin literally grew up with the animals at the zoo, taking part in their daily maintenance and care.

In 2002, Irwin established Wildlife Warriors Worldwide to work with conversation wildlife rescue and research.

In 2006’s animated Happy Feet, Irwin is the voice of Trev. The film is dedicated to him.

Steve Irwin in Ocean’s Deadliest