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Can u imagine this mistake? AND THE GUY IS JUZ HUMMING …
We all make mistakes but I guess this was a terrible one !!!!!

Have a look…is funny.

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Julian Beever’s 3D Art

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Julian Beever is an English chalk artist who has been creating chalk drawings on pavement since the mid-1990s that create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the right location. These trompe-l’oeil drawings are created using a projection called anamorphosis and appear to defy the laws of perspective.coke.jpg


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Condoms Too Big For Most Indian Men

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According to a medical study by The Indian Council of Medical Research (the country’s top health research institute), Indian men’s penises do not match international sizes and most condoms on sale in the country are too big. Doctors are calling for smaller condoms to be made after the survey.

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Sarangkot Hill in Nepal – Nature Beckons

Advice and Guide

Pokhara Girls at Sarangkot Hill, Nepal

Having had the taste of travelling to a few places, the travel bug has always nudged at my side at all times. If you are a nature lover and enthusiastic but amateur (read flabby) trekker like me, then Sarangkot Hill in Nepal must surely beckon. How do you get there? Sarangkot Hill is located in Pokhara, a 20-minute flight from Kathmandu. Pokhara (पोखरा) is a city in central Nepal located at 28.24 N, 83.99 E,, 198 km west of Kathmandu. It is the capital of Kaski District, Gandaki Zone and the Western Development Region. You can fly there via a local airline for less than US$50. From the airport, it’s a fifteen-minute drive to the base of the hill.

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Halong Bay – Tourist Attraction in Vietnam

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View of Halong Bay

Vietnam is a land of mystique and drama. Its history and location make it so tantalisingly near to Asians and yet so distant. Its people and culture share many similarities with the rest of South East Asians, but its violent history rend it apart from the common progress and philosophy of its neighbours. It is nevertheless trying to catch up at an anxious pace and tourism is one of its prongs to catch a slice of the cake.

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Habit and Hobby of Collecting Coins

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The habit of coin collectors often start when they save coins they have received in circulation that they find interesting. These may be from the change kept from a trip abroad, or a spark of interest in an old coin found in circulation. Over time, their interest may increase and their search for new coins will be enhanced. This signals the beginning of a potentially expensive hobby.

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Let’s Go to Beach – Korean Drama

Movie Trailer

Let’s go to beach, a famous korean drama act by Lee Wan, Jun Jin and Lee Chong Ah.

Is series focus on the lives of hotel’s lifesavers. The story are base on the love between an illegitimate son, Jang Tae Pung (Lee Wan) and his half brother (different mothers), Jang Tae Hyun (Jun Jin) and the grand daughter of hotel owners, Yoon So Rah (Lee Chong Ah).

Don’t miss out ya. Let’s Go To Beach


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