First Sperm Bank and the First sperm-bank child

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The idea of an effective sperm bank has appealed to eugenically minded individuals for a good few centuries. Such arrangements have only recently become practically feasible. The first two sperm banks set up in Lowa City and Tokyo, which both began “life for life” in 1964.

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Furniture With The Sexy Shape of Woman

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Mario Philippona, a Dutch carpenter, has designed a range of stylish wooden cupboards, wardrobes and tables using the female anatomy as his inspiration. The artistic creature can be seen at Amadeus Art in the German capital.

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The Road Of Death

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Bolivia’s Yungas Road is officially the most hazardous on earth. It is an amazing road carved into the side of a cliff and it’s called the Road of Death. Local people pray before using it and the nearest hospital is a two-hour drive away. There are North Yungas Road and South Yungas Road.

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Jackie Chan has new comestic line

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Jackie Chan has been a successful businessman over the years, having different businesses including fitness clubs, restaurants, clothing label and cookies. And now he has his own beauty care product line, Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care. The new business is a partnership with a businesswoman, Maggie Chu.


[Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care’s Maggie Chu (center) with Hiro (left) and Asuka (right)]

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The Aunt’s Postmodern Life

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The film is set in modern day Shanghai, where various people try to catch up with the pace of the hustle and bustle of modern life. In the movie, Chow Yun-Fat plays a swindler who falls in love with his potential victim played by a mainland actress Siqin Gaowa. Sigin Gaowa is a very respected and popular actress in China. Her Hong Kong movies include Full Moon in New York, Homecoming, Three Swordsmen, The Day the Sun Turned Cold, Lord of East China Sea, and A Home Too Far.

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Baby’s Genes

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Researchers at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital believed that a baby’s height is derived from its father’s genes, whilst its weight is derived from its mother’s.

Even though the findings were still very much a work in progress, the early indications showed that parents pass on specific gene plans to their offspring.

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Tom & Katie’s Wedding…

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It is official now: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are husband and wife. The couple exchanged vows Saturday in front of more than 150 guests at the Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, Italy.

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