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What is the future of the world? We are obsessed with celebrities and fame. More people vote in reality TV shows such as American Idol than in elections. Youngsters know more about celebrity gossip than news around the world. We are more obsessed with beauty and the latest fashion trends than the latest scientific discoveries. Thus, we know about Madonna’s adopted child, Aishwarya Rai’s wedding, Paris Hilton’s jail sentence, and the winner of American Idol in detail; but what do we know about the fighting in Lebanon, the World Bank’s new president and bird flu in Asia. Ask any young man or woman and they’ll be sure to answer all or most of the questions from the former list correctly and profess ignorance in the latter.

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Kate Bosworth in Bikini

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Kate Bosworth was so skinny not too long ago, and it is kinda scary that this Kate Bosworth nipple slip. Thankfully, she put on weigh and does look a lot better now. Of crouse, she’s still on the skinny side. Anyway, if Kate’s too skinny, you might like her hot friend a little more.

Birth name : Catherine Ann Bosworth
Born: January 2, 1983 (1983-01-02) at Los Angeles, California
Notable roles: Anne Marie Chadwick (Blue Crush), Rosalee Futch (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!), Sandra Dee (Beyond the Sea) and Lois Lane (Superman Returns)

There’s a lot of Kate Bosworth bikini pictures. Check it out.


Kate Bosworth in Black Bikini 1

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Gong Li Always Been Compared Again Zhang Ziyi

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Both Gong Li & Zhang Zi Yi always be compared by public whenever they show up at the same time. The recent 60th Cannes Film celebration, both had been compared again their dress. Both Gong Li and Ziyi Zhang become famous after starring in Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s movies. Ziyi Zhang was even called the small Gong Li several years ago.


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Hong Kong’s “Cage Home”

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As you know, Hong Kong is the financial and corporate centre of East Asia. Anyway, even the beautiful city proudly calls itself “Asia’s world city” but still got some people live in the “Cage Home”,  the small and limited place that further subdivided into cages where there is nothing other than a bed like what you see in the photo.

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Eva Huang Sheng Yi Chinese Actress Sexy Photo Gallery

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Eva Huang Sheng Yi (黄圣依), a sexy and gorgeous Chinese mainland actress that was born on Feburary 11th, 1983 in Shanghai, China. Eva Huang became famous after selected by superstar Stephen Chow to star as the leading actress in movie “Kungfu Hustle.” See more hot and horny pictures/images of this Asian beauty!

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Solar Powered Bikini

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Have you seen this weird bikini before? This is a solar powered bikini designed by Andrew Schneider as part of a sustainable practices class.

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TV Reality Shows

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America Top ModelFear FActoridol.jpg

Do you know that there are a lot of television reality shows to date? A first I thought Survivor was the first reality show and then came the Outback Jack, Treasure Islands, America Top Models, Idols, Fear Factor and etc.

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