David Beckham: to Knight or not to Knight?

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david-bec.jpgDavid Beckham won six English Premiership titles, two FA Cups, one European Champions League, and one Intercontinental Cup during his time with Manchester United. He has played nearly 100 times for England in various meets. He helped to bring the 2012 Olympics to Britain. But he has not saved any lives, committed a selfless, heroic deed or improved the life of mankind. Does he deserve a knighthood? Is a knighthood bestowed based on popularity and celebrity status or is it an honour and recognition of the deserving few?

What better sums up the shallow vanity of the period and the hypocrisy and pretension under Blair’s decade in power? Sir David and Lady Posh. What will happen when Lady Posh is caught posing naked for Playboy magazine on a whim one day? Well, perhaps Britain has no more standards to uphold after the wild and blatant public affair of the late Princess Diana with her billionaire boyfriend. But she was fortunately martyred by her untimely car accident. Lady Posh is a lesser title but the lady may not be so conveniently killed when she messes it up.

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Maria Sharapova stops to smell the roses

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Maria Sharapova has been playing tennis since she was nine. She was crowned Wimbledon champion in 2005 and catapulted to international stardom. She is sexy, beautiful and talented. But success and fame have robbed Sharapova of a normal life like other teenagers and young women. She has been practising and playing tennis every waking moment of her life until a shoulder injury forced her to take a two-month break. She didn’t go on a binge drinking spree or raced around in her sports car. Neither did she go dancing at the clubs, took a topless dip in the public fountain or got photographed naked by the paparazzi.

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No Bra Show on Radio

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nobra.jpgWhat better way to start your day than to imagine women taking off their bra in a morning show? Ten women who took part in men’s magazine FHM’s Girl Next Door competition were asked to whip off their bras in the shortest time possible in three five-minute segments aired on MediaCorp’s radio station 98.7 FM. However, they were not supposed to expose their breasts or tits in the competition. The show is called No Bra Days with the Muttons and is openly raunchy and lewd. The segments depicting the women taking off their bras were shown on MediaCorp Radio’s website and subsequently circulated on the free and no-holds barred YouTube.

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HIV Gay Trio Gang Rape Internet Victims

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gay.jpgA gay gang posted invitations and led homosexual men to a private gay orgy through the Internet. When the men turned up, they were fed the date-rape drug GHB and Ecstasy tablets which were secretly mixed in their drinks. They were left helpless and then gang-raped by the seropositive men. They were also injected with the AIDS virus before being allowed to leave.

Twelve victims have come forward to report the crime but it is not known how many more infected men are at large. The reason for the crime: excitement and higher chances of unprotected sex with more HIV-infected gays.

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Sex Crimes in Church

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Sex Crimes and the Vatican is like chocolate cake and diet pills, or politician and honesty. They are incongruously ironic together. That is why the broadcasting of a BBCTV documentary on sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Italy is creating so much publicity. And the powerful Catholic Church of the Vatican City is raising a cry as its reputation and interests are threatened. While this video clip had actually been seen by millions on the Internet, the media has never taken such a controversial issue to the public in blatant confrontation of the Vatican.

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My Miss Universe Pageant, Miss USA Falls to Her Ass But to Her Grace

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Miss USA falls to her ass but to her grace

Though Miss Japan Riyo Mori who was crowned Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City, Miss USA Rachel Smith got her bad luck ever to her fall while cat walking on stage. She still managed to get up in grace and in the fourth runner up.

We should applaud for her courageous and in her perfect shape. More coming up is the short video clip of her graceful posture and radiant smiles…

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Coco Chiang Yi Hot Chinese Girl Photo Gallery

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Coco Chiang Yi (蔣怡), one of most sexiest Chinese model from Hong Kong. Coco is famed of her long and sexy leg that most men desired to touch. Take a deep breath before you continue to more horny images/pictures of this hot babe!

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