MyBollywoodDance-Simpsons Version

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Simpsons perform a catchy song and dance number in the film

Simpsons dance their way in antiquity and blend with both classical and modern styles into the present.

This classical dance numbers side by side with the simpsons perform with a troupe of supporting dancers , song-and-dance stages in different location as well as in one of architecturally grand settings-Maharaja but do not move in with Indian way of changes of costume between verses of a song.

Music video coming up on cute and funny Simpsons modelled on Indian dance: classical dance styles, folk dances …

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No Bra Day- Strip Your Bra Competition in FM987 interview

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2 DJ from FM987 has create an significant impact in Garden City, Singapore. Four girls participating in Radio FM987 interview were asked to take off their bra in the shortest time as possible. It could be very normal thing in other country and there isn’t nude scene but it has attracted a lot of discussion about it, regarding the pride of woman, moral values etc in relatively conservative society in Singapore.

Look at the video to find out what has happened.

Girls compete to take off their bra in shortest time

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Aishwarya Rai to wear Sari on her wedding day

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20 April 2007 is not only an importance date for Bollywood sex symbol Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, but it is also a memorable date in Bollywood. Rai, the former Miss World in 1994, is to wed well-known Indian actor Bachchan on 20 April. This lovely and famous couple is in the spotlight of India community. Many people might be wondering what Aishwarya Rai is going to wear and how’s the wedding ceremony look like.

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Sex Makes the World Go Round

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Who are the poorest performers in sex? People from Hong Kong and China win hands down. Only a quarter of Chinese men and women surveyed reported that they achieve orgasm during sex. The sex survey was carried out through phone interviews of 26,000 people and commissioned by Durex, the condom producing company. The Global Sexual Wellbeing 2006-07 Survey also revealed that twice as many men as women achieve orgasm. Are we surprised? Men have always derived more pleasure from sex and behaved more selfishly in bed.

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MyHairWork-Shear Genius Competition

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BRAVO’s brand-new program, SHEAR GENIUS

Lather , rinse and compete..sound familiar..and this is reality series TV show called Shear Genius , which call upon top country hair stylists to cut , dye , straighten and most important of all not only to their creative talent but also managing the best cuts , clients and not to forget to impress the judges.

This show is hosted by none other than the former Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith and judges are Sally Hershberger , Rene Fris and Michael Carl who are talking about cool strategy , crazy cuts …a good start to the competition.

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MyMusicVideo- Avril Lavigne’s The Best Damn Thing Album

Music Video

Canadian pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne new album”The Best Damn Thing”

After the entertaining ‘Girlfriend’ , there is a change for Avril Lavigne from her punk striking look , fan spitter attitude to her new outfit of cute pink dress …who’s know the fake eyelashes still show her inner punky shadow…

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MyVirginia- Killing Spree , 33 Dead Massacre

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APP Source of Campus Map

Brief outline of a campus map attached showing his route of killing rampage…..started at 0715am killing of his alleged girlfriend and dorm’s guard , followed by at 0930am in his English class …

Much have been reported and became the top breakingnews across United States as well as its shocking news spread all over the world.The question still lies on why creative writing Korean student who was raised as a boy at the age of 8 in suburban Washington and taking medication in depression counselling …girlfriend fell out? , loneliness? , inequalities? , hatred? , set him off to killing rampage in Virginia Tech University.

More coming up of video tape footage ….

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