Paris Hilton Jail

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paris_hilton180.jpgThe Paris Hilton martyrdom has begun. She is paving the ground for her forthcoming bestseller about her experience in jail, a movie to follow that and possibly an auction of her jail memorabilia. She will possibly have covered everything except real remorse and repentance for her drink driving on a suspended license offence. Right on cue and probably written by her manager, the 26-year-old hotel heiress mouthed the script: “This is an important point in my life and I need to take responsibility for my actions. Although I am scared, I am ready to begin my jail sentence.”

What is so scary about being in jail for a mere 23 days when you get widespread media coverage and you know the media is going to embrace you when you step out?

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My MTV Music Video, Rihanna’s Sexy Umbrella Performance

Music Video

Remember, Ahuh Ahuh (Yea Rihanna)….reecho all over 2007 MTV ambient and audiences with Paris Hilton was entwining into the dance moves.And her duet performance with Jay-Z was a hit.

More coming of Rihanna live performance music video at 2007 MTV awards,

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My 2007 MTV Movie Awards, Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman Kiss Video

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Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman Damn Hot Kiss Scene

Nothing quite exciting as the kiss scene shown above, it’s really sizzling hot for MTV Movie Awards were fairly entertaining and also a relax moment to savour.

More coming up to the revealing video clip, make sure you watch it.

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US$1 Million for the Illicit Sexual Affair of a Politician

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clinton-lewinsky.jpgWant to earn some easy bucks? Got any grouse to air or revenge to exact on someone prominent in society? Do you know of any illicit sexual relationship or encounter with a congressperson, senator or famous office-bearer? The more sexually explicit and the higher the position of the office-bearer, the better. Any disclosure that is accompanied by evidence or proof will be rewarded with US$1 million by Hustler. Photographs or videos of government or opposition officials in compromising positions, in sexy poses, or with exposed body parts will become the property of the magazine. This will surely generate some exciting and interesting results. Furthermore, this will keep public figures on their toes and ensure a more responsible and accountable team of politicians.

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Boy Killed by Dragon

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Little boys shouldn’t expose themselves and defecate in public. It might attract the attention of a beast or monster. A young boy who relieved himself in some bushes on Komodo Island in Jakarta was mauled to death by a rare Kodomo dragon. The wild animal probably couldn’t stand the smell of the boy’s shit or was aggravated by the squatting position of the boy. Or it was excited by the smooth buttocks of the boy and attacked it out of curiosity. There was no medical officer around to attend to the bleeding boy. He succumbed to his injuries and died a stinking and horrible death.

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My New Apple, iPhone Ad Never Been An iPod On Coming 29thJune.07

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With the imminent launching of latest Apple’s iPhone, the next thing is how this exquisite touch screen can allure the ipod as well as mobile phone users to switch over.
Just roam your fingers over touch screen

Here coming up innovative video clip ads on how this touch screen iphone can become next hot gizmo to grab for.

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India’s Richest Guy Builds 60-Storey Home

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How much you like to spend for your dream home? The India’s richest guy who came 14th in Forbes’ 2007 worldwide rankings, Mukesh Ambani is building a 60-storey home for himself in the heart of Mumbai with 600 people who serve him.

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