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America Top ModelFear FActoridol.jpg

Do you know that there are a lot of television reality shows to date? A first I thought Survivor was the first reality show and then came the Outback Jack, Treasure Islands, America Top Models, Idols, Fear Factor and etc.

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My Coca-Cola, Carcinogenic Benzene Free?

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Almost after fifteen years, U.S. Food and Drug Administration has reached agreement upon Coca-Cola to remove benzene out of their soft drinks.

So, what is benzene?
Benzene is a major industrial contaminant, is a powerful solvent used in the manufacture of plastics. We take in a fair amount every day through air pollution and in drinking water. To ensure freshness, commonly used preservatives such as potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate are used together with ascorbic acid. The result is benzene.

Benzene level in soda?
Because of its high level of benzene concentration and its well know carcinogen; cancer causing agent. This benzene level of 5 and 138 parts per billion in Coca cola making it unsafe to drink

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Incredible Camileon heels With Adjustable-Height Ability

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Most women prefer to worn the high heels regularly that can bring with them a host of foot problems/injuries. To help those women who take care of their health condition, Lauren Handel and her brother, David have intoduced the Camileon Heels that sporting 3-inch heels that can be folded down to a walking-friendly 11/2 inches low-heeled shoe.

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Lara Dutta – Sexy Babe from Bollywood

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Lara Dutta born on April 16, 1978 in Ghaziabad, India. She is one of the hottest Indian actress. Apart from that, she is also UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador and the 2000 Miss Universe.


Bollywood Sexy Babe – Lara Dutta Pretty Photo 1

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My Viagra, Breakthrough in Treating JetLag

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Pfizer Vigra

The male impotence drug is finally made its way to drug store again, but this time is meant for jet lag treatment according to Argentinian researchers.

Researchers exposed hamsters to lights which were turned on and off to simulate jet lag, and found that adult male hamsters given Viagra recovered from jet lag up to 50 per cent faster according to ABC news.

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Victoria Beckham visited sex shop in Hollywood

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Victoria Beckham was snapped visiting a sex store in Hollywood yesterday.


Victoria Beckham spotted visited sex shop in LA

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Stylish Multi Screwdriver Torch

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Looking for cool and stylish multi-screwdriver? This is an 8-in-one multi-screwdriver torch which features a distinctive design that bringing seven different blades and the LED casino online bulb as well to make you more convenient. Besides, the screwdriver is built like an octopus to make it easy to see and find!

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