Hayden Panettiere’s new role in the upcoming movie ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper‘ will give fans a lot more to look at than they normally get from watching her cheerleader ‘Heroes’ role.

The 20-year-old actress bares all in her new film, and as she tells People, she has absolutely no problem with it while she’s got youth on her side.


She said “I was really naked. I had these little sticky petals on my boobs, but that was about it.” But she wasn’t prepared to see her chest on the big screen, “It’s one of those things that you forget how much of your flesh is in it, until I saw it again and then I was like, ‘Duck, duck!’ I didn’t know it would be so big on the screen!”

“If I can’t flaunt it at 20, come on! I mean I might as well show it now.”

Hayden is open to the possibility of getting more naked for future roles, “I’m cool with my body, and I’m cool running around undressed and all that stuff, but there are just certain things that not everyone needs to know, that you need to keep somehow private and personal to you. But you never know… I could be 30 years old and just be like, ‘Screw it, I want to take it all off. I better take a picture of this baby before it all goes.”

Oh Hayden, you’re such an attention monger…

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