Shawn Yue Man Lok
sy1aInvestigation continued for Hong Kong’s Edison obscene sex photos scandal leaked incident. According to the report, police admitted the existence of a two new stark naked male celebrity photos and one of them is a popular actor Shawn Yue Man Lok (余文楽) branded as the next Nicholas Tse(謝霆鋒).

Police said guessing from the two men likely features, one of them was no doubt Edison Chen(陳冠希)’s office colleague as a CEO, while another man said to be in the same generation as Edison Chen, who came from rich family and once in state of antagonism with each other, Shawn Yue.

In addition, the Hong Kong media had examined a photograph of silhouette figures, shape of the face and hair style that looked exactly alike with Shawn Yue. Especially the sharp shape of his ears silhouette further confirmed his description.

It was reported in year of 2003, there was a deep seated animosity triangular relationship between Edison Chen, Shawn Yue and Gillian Chung(鐘欣桐).

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Shawn Yue – 還你門匙 [Return Your Keys]