eh1aElva Xiao(蕭亞軒) again emphasizing one’s innocence to rumour that her photo was not in existence with obscene Edison sex photos scandal incident.

Elva Xiao is scheduled to appear as a special guest at the rehearsal studio in the coming Khalil Fong(方大同) concert on April,5. Elva Hsiao responsed to the press conference that she did not expect anything immediately after the sex scandal incident but the coverage continue to escalate rapidly which made her wanted to prove her innocence by herself. Recently, Elva Hsiao in a joint statement from her office spokesman said, she had no dating nor any relationship with Edison Chen. To prove her innocence, she would donate 1 hundred million NT dollars (about 3.2 million USD dollars) to charity organisation if anyone could determine her nude obscene photos in existence.

The rumour hit Elva Hsiao was damaging. But in the possible future, she welcomes Edison to work together. She said, ”She believes Edison will grow up by demonstrating in his work.”

Below is the MTV video clip of Khalil Fong(方大同)’s Luv Luv Luv(愛愛愛)