On February 24, 2008, Twins Gillian Chung (鐘欣桐) was in bad shape and had to cancel her work to participate on the sports brand event in Beijing. Her arrival at the airport was packed with media and erratic fans.

Gillian Chung resumed work after apologized on the 11th of this month for the outflow of indecent photographs incident. On 22nd, frantic fans likely to cause a stir when Giilian Chung was in poor health and had to cancel all her schedule and also absent from the her newly movie 「武侠梁祝」 release publicity.

Gillian Chung’s obscene naked photographs were running headlines in Hong Kong and Taiwan on newspaper front page. At Beijing International Airport where security guards were seen hastily maintained frantic fans in order. The day after on 25th would be another overheating scene with press and fans for Cecilia Chung’s (張柏芝) husband Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) also plans to appear.

At the airport, Gillian Chung was surrounded by security guards and made no comment to tons of questions posed by reporters including whether Eddison Chen is pardonable.