bbc1aThe party continued for out of many victims that Edisson Chen screwed , one of the victims named Bobo Chan (陳文媛) had decided to cancel the wedding this summer.

In fact before the incident, Bobo was already engaged to her fiancé, Philip Kam (金紫耀) who is a young business man after she retired from showbiz entertainment industry in the year of 2006. However, due to her fiancé family opposition and now had been canceled for the wedding to be held this coming August. The news was discovered when her fiancé went for a long trip to San Francisco.

According to the report, Philip Kam was so depressed that Bobo Chen was desperately trying to patch up with him, but she had still not regained her peace of mind to what she had allegedly done. Also, the two are considered returning to Hong Kong soon for Philip’s dealer Watch Brand opening ceremony to be held on March 7.