Hong Kong society had attracted the most attention on the obscene pictures leaked incident. Storming the wave is the leading actor Eddison Chen (陳冠希) whose latest speculation tracked news had indeed jammed the networks search.

Eddison, a fugitive returned from United States to Hong Kong earlier this month was scheduled to hold a news conference on Feb.17, 08. However, Peter Lam (林建岳) the president from East Asia Entertainment 「東亜娯楽」 office announced the postponement of the news conference revealed that Edisson has not returned home yet.

East Asia Entertainment was flooded with more than 5,000 calls daily from local and foreign media to where Eddison hide way in Shanghai, Boston, Vancouver and others insider news. East Asia Entertainment had no comment to his whereabouts and couldn’t provide any concrete evidence.

Moreover, rumors on dejected Eddison for his long time lover Vincy (楊永晴) who declined his proposal to marry her and so his suicide notes was completely denied by the East Asia Entertainment as tell tale story.

Eddison was pointed out for the possible legal charged on outflow of naked obscene photographs and acts involving underage girl, taking advantage of women’s permission for the photographed taken. Due to many evidences were missing, police couldn’t force Eddison to return home.