Bank Robber Wins $1M Lottery

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A 55-year-old convicted bank robber, Timothy Elliott, who is not supposed to gamble but won $1 Million in the $800 Million Spectacular game at a supermarket in Hyannis.

Elliott was placed on probation after pleading guilty in Oct. 2006 to unarmed robbery at a bank. Under terms of his probation, he “may not gamble, purchase lottery tickets or visit an establishment where gaming is conducted, including restaurants where Keno may be played.”

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4-Meter-Long Oarfish

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A rarely seen 4-meter-long oarfish, also known as ribbon fish, was caught in Wenling, China. The oarfish fish weighs at 18.5 kilograms and has a 0.7-meter-long tentacles.

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Bright Blind Looks Like Window Underneath

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Two Japanese designers designed this cool bright blind exclusively for those who are staying at intermediate terrace houses but hope to have more windows in the houses. When the blind is hanging on blank walls, it just looks like a window underneath.

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Motor Show In Tokyo

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This is one of the cars that displayed in 40th Tokyo Motor Show in Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture of Japan on Oct. 26, 2007. Almost all kind of famous brands that you can name it were participated in this motor show.

No doubt the sexy showgirls are attractive but they are far less attractive than a BMW Concept X6 Active Hybrid, BMW Concept 1 Series, Nissan PIVO mini car, Toyota i-REAL personal mobility vehicle, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Mercedes-Benz F700 sedan, Mitsubishi iMiEV Sport car, Daihatsu OFC-1, Porsche 911GT2, Maserati Granturismo and many more.

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Book Needs To Bake To Show Its Invisible Contents

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Do you know how to read a book with invisible contents? Croatian creative agency Bruketa & Zinić designed the annual report of food company Podravka in a very creative way.

The small Podravka booklet is printed in invisible, thermo-reactive ink and you need to bake it in order to read it.

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Paris Hilton In China, Chinese Asks: “Who Is Paris Hilton?”

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The hotel heiress Paris Hilton was in Shanghai for attending MTV Style Awards. She was enjoyed eating China’s traditional foods especially Dim Sum and also enjoyed shopping around.

She falls in love with Chong Sum but most people commented that she looks like flat chest when she puts on Chong Sum.

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Tiger Show: A Grandma’s Last Days

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tgs.jpgA 52-year-old performer is ecstatic that the Thaksin Shinawatra reign is over. Why? Because she can revive her career as a Tiger Show girl. The dictionary defines Tiger Show as a show in Thailand which features acrobatic sex performances. This grandmother is a veteran who can perform up to 100 tricks including opening Coca-Cola bottles with her vagina and shooting a dart by contracting her ab muscles.

Born into poverty, her career began with performing gymnastics and ballet in the nude in the red-light district of Patpong. She used to earn 150,000 baht a month in her glory days in a go-go bar. Now her breasts are sagging and her body has seen better days. But Krissana Makrasa still needs to work to fend for her family. And she is ambitious – she hopes to impart her skills to the younger generation so that Tiger Show performers do not become a dying breed.

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