Jilted lovers have become more creative. If people used to cry buckets, commit suicide, or hire thugs to beat up their partners, they now exact revenge which is sweet but unconventional. Women have been known to cut off or sever the penis of their heartless lovers. Besides the physical and mental torture, the lack of the male organ prevents their ex-lover from being intimate with another woman. Revenge is sweet.

Men have responded with tit for tat. A man sealed his lover’s vagina with plaster because he suspects her of infidelity. The revenge method may differ due to the shape and contour of the private parts but the underlying principle is the same. If I can’t have the pleasure, neither will others.

Another jilted boyfriend posted video clips of him having sex with his ex-lover on the Internet. The nude photos and video clip were posted on Valentine’s Day. Hell hath no fury like a man or woman scorned. When love turns sour, even nectar turns to poison.

Remember this and be gentle when you want to split up with your boyfriend, girlfriend or lover.