Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury is a place for those who like gardening but all the gardeners prefer clothes-free in the garden. They have been inundated with requests from other naturists asking if they can visit their gardens.

Mr Pollard, an architect, said: “At first I said no because we would be responsible for their behaviour. But in the end we were having so many inquiries we thought why not have set days when they can do it?”

“So we started what we call our ‘clothes-optional days’. That was three years ago. This year we are having six ‘clothes-optional days’, our most ever.”

On Sunday, they had about 350 visitors, with about 300 disrobing.

Mr Pollard said naked gardening is no more dangerous than gardening fully clothed.

“Waving sharp implements around is just as dangerous if you have trousers on or not,” he said.