In a version of the Canadian show ‘Naked News’, an X rated hearing impaired news show in Japan where a woman read tabloid news in sign language by dropping off piece of clothing and you get to hear the news, and so on.

The show keeps its stance even Japanese government is cracking down on funding for the show because it also offers sign language for the hearing impaired. It plans to continue with their weekly five-minute shows which consist of a pretty lady stripping off bits of clothing in between while using sign language to relate news stories.

The company principle is to continue the show by entertaining the audience regardless they are disabled or not, calling it ‘higher level of sign language to the show’ and to ‘juice up the program’ despite losing money. Moreover, ‘People with hearing impairment also have sexual desires.’ Perhaps, the other side of the business motive is to keep the audience tune to the end of the program and what exactly entails is probably left to the imagination of the mass.