The nude picture of David Beckham that appeared on the Internet recently has made a debate in many gossip forums whether its fake or real picture. Topics were discussed about the source of the photo and comments on his penis. Some sources on the Internet said that the picture is real because David Beckham apparently did some nude shots a couple years ago for charity but the shots never exposed.

The English professional footballer, David Beckham was said to be outraged at a 2007 calendar called “Celebrity Hunks Around The House” but this image does not seem to be from that calendar.

Rumours about a beauty consultant who claimed that she slept with David Beckham in 2004 and very sure that he was uncut and has a good 8 inches, which is consistent with this picture.

Experts said that this picture does not look fake, there is no certain joining part at his penis. If it is fake, the guy who did the work with PhotoShop was really did a perfect work.

David Beckham spokesman said that the picture is a fake. The head is from a photoshoot they did in 2004 but that penis is absolutely not his.

However whether the picture is real or not, some Gay Magazines in USA are looking for the naked pictures of David Beckham. The reason is because David Beckham is very popular in USA now as he has gone from a relative unknown in America to the most searched-for star on the Internet in few months.

Do you think this is real David Beckham’s naked photo? Only David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham can tell.