A man in the Parliament House complained that the Japan GT Queens were too skimpily dressed for the annual Super GT Race. The fair-skinned Japanese girls in sexy tank tops and tight-fitting shorts raised the ire of the offended politician. Their breasts were bursting at the seams and their cute rears were jutting out sexily. It is a moral affront to show off such nudity and sexuality amongst the male drivers, the roar of engines, and the superiority of male technical knowledge. The girls were simply out of place.


In spite of his disapproval, the politician’s scrutiny of the girls’ costume probably left them seared and naked. He remarked, “Judging by what they wear, I think they use less than 1.5 metres of material.’ He thought they should wear clothes that covered their body better so that male eyes (like his) will not be ogling at their boobs or thighs rather than the mean machines on the tracks. If man had not wanted GT girls to decorate the races to feed their male desire and masculine ego in the first place, why not abolish the profession and the need for such girls? Why dress them more conservatively in hypocrisy?