Surprise! Surprise! When shown naked photos of couples having sex, the men looked at the women’s … faces, not their sexual part such as tits, cleavage or pussy. Women, on the other hand, looked straight at the exposed private parts of men. And they tended to linger longer at the sexually explicit photos than men. This came about in a study where 30 women and 15 men were shown still photos of couples having sex. Each photo was linked to a high-tech eye-tracking device to measure the movement of the eye and how long it remained there.
Psychologist Kim Wallen deduced that women who took hormone or birth control pills were more interested in the overall view of the photos and background items like jewellery. Those not on the pill were more sexually aroused by the visual stimuli and spent a longer time admiring. But could women be more excited by visual images of sexual intercourse than formerly believed? Their pent-up sexual desire and drive may have been secretly revealed in this study.