Maria Sharapova has been playing tennis since she was nine. She was crowned Wimbledon champion in 2005 and catapulted to international stardom. She is sexy, beautiful and talented. But success and fame have robbed Sharapova of a normal life like other teenagers and young women. She has been practising and playing tennis every waking moment of her life until a shoulder injury forced her to take a two-month break. She didn’t go on a binge drinking spree or raced around in her sports car. Neither did she go dancing at the clubs, took a topless dip in the public fountain or got photographed naked by the paparazzi.
This is when she discovered the simple joys of living instead. She went to the grocery store to do her shopping and cooked her own meals. She found out where the vegetables and her favourite cheese were kept. She cooked them herself but with awful results. And she was not ashamed to admit it to the world. She can’t cook, and she can’t keep house, but it was the attempt and the natural retreat into housework which reveals her secret womanly nature.

Sharapova gives a glimpse of how life would be when she settles down with a prince charming when she hangs up her tennis racquet. She will be a wonderful woman to fall in love with, marry and start a family together. She yearns for a peaceful and domestic life, not the glamour, glitz and bright lights of the city. She has strength of character, a sense of humour and determination to succeed. These are the qualities of a good marriage partner. Of course the lucky man will also love her beautiful and well-toned body, great boobs, sexy poise, charm, and undoubtedly great energy in sex.

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