david-bec.jpgDavid Beckham won six English Premiership titles, two FA Cups, one European Champions League, and one Intercontinental Cup during his time with Manchester United. He has played nearly 100 times for England in various meets. He helped to bring the 2012 Olympics to Britain. But he has not saved any lives, committed a selfless, heroic deed or improved the life of mankind. Does he deserve a knighthood? Is a knighthood bestowed based on popularity and celebrity status or is it an honour and recognition of the deserving few?

What better sums up the shallow vanity of the period and the hypocrisy and pretension under Blair’s decade in power? Sir David and Lady Posh. What will happen when Lady Posh is caught posing naked for Playboy magazine on a whim one day? Well, perhaps Britain has no more standards to uphold after the wild and blatant public affair of the late Princess Diana with her billionaire boyfriend. But she was fortunately martyred by her untimely car accident. Lady Posh is a lesser title but the lady may not be so conveniently killed when she messes it up. And Sir David may kick another player in his private part in a fit of temper on the football field. Then the whole world will witness the chivalry and integrity of a British knight and his posh wife. Well, it’s free publicity, as the prime minister might say.