Friendship and Camaraderie Among Hollywood Women

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friends.jpgJennifer Anniston who guest starred in Courtney Cox’s sitcom Dirt, stirred up a controversy when the two exchanged a passionate and sexy lesbian kiss on screen at the beginning of the year. Is Anniston turning homosexual after being repeatedly unlucky in love and relationship? She has broken off again with Vince Vaughan for the umpteenth time in their tempestuous and unstable relationship. While ex-husband Brad Pitt seems to have found marital bliss with sexy superstar Angelina Jolie and their growing family, Anniston remains single at 38. She was recently spotted on a day out at the beach with Cox. But Cox’s husband and daughter were conspicuously there, too. Perhaps Anniston just needed the support of a girlfriend and the comfort of platonic friendship.

This girl camaraderie is another new trend in Hollywood. The bad girls of Hollywood – Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears – appeared to have found something in common too.

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Weird Phone Smells Your Food

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This is a amazing mobile phone concept that can keep track of your diet with its high-tech eNose technology in order to smell and recognize the chemical olfactory signature of  foods.

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Brad Pitt Has Most Envious Body

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Brad Pitt, the 43 years old Hollywood star who was voted by most men (27%)  has topped the list of the man who has the most envious body, according to a survey of 1000 men by medical firm Benenden Healthcare Society.

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Kopi Luwak World’s Most Expensive Coffee

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Do you like to take a cup of lovely coffee every morning? Just wanna share some information of coffee with those who love coffee very much. The most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak from Indonesia is a rare and gourmet coffee that is made from beans passed through the digestive system of animal, the Asian Palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Incredible?

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Miss Japan Riyo Mori Crowned Miss Universe 2007 In Mexico

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Miss Japan Riyo Mori who is a 20-year-old dancer was crowned Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City, marking only the second time Japan has won the world beauty title. The last time Japan won the pageant was in 1959 when Akiko Kojima became the first Miss Universe from Asia.

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Strip Therapy for Women

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strip.jpgThey say that every woman has a secret desire to be naked and sexy. In a dim dance studio, with music playing in the background, the dance instructor, Nina Chen, shows a group of women how to sway their bodies and slowly take off their clothes in front of a wall of mirrors. This is the latest therapy session or workshop which helps women to feel charming, sexy, attractive, liberated and confident about themselves.

The group includes youngsters, teenagers, working women, mothers and even grandmothers. The seductive look and sexy poses of the ladies will surely make you cringe or smile in disbelief for they look most unlike the usual striptease dancers you see in sleazy pubs.

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Cameron Diaz’s Head Count

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Sexy and beautiful Cameron Diaz, broke a world record in the TV challenge, ‘Touch the Head’ for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Perhaps due to her famous long legs and tall athletic frame, she managed to touch the heads of the most number of fans in Hollywood Boulevard. She scored 48 touches and had a lot of fun throughout her feat.

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