Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Drew Barrymore won the no. 1 spot in a poll of the 100 Most Beautiful People in the World by People magazine. Her quip? Happiness makes people beautiful. Not make-up, fair skin, long blond luscious hair, thick lips, sparkling eyes, big breasts, or a sexy body. Pure, simple happiness. The naked face without make-up can be beautiful and she proves it by being photographed for the issue without any make-up. So did Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Biel. Admittedly it would stimulate more male hormones and readership if their naked body had been photographed instead. Nevertheless, this must have been bad news for cosmetics companies.

Barrymore also thinks a girl needs to be herself to be beautiful. There is no secret to shining in a date. Just be yourself and be happy. Young, beautiful and philosophical? Hmm… Barrymore is certainly no wild sexy thing that makes you want to take off all your clothes and make passionate love to. But she has a kind of wholesome sweetness which makes her beautiful all the same. She doesn’t have that classic elegance characteristic of Aishwarya Bachan, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry or Elizabeth Hurley. But she charms you with her smile, then holds you captive with her curves and beautiful breasts, before she amazes you with her simple philosophy to be herself and happy, thus also letting you be yourself and relax around her. Not a bad tactic at all. Are all girls going to throw away their make-up and cancel that appointment wit their plastic surgeon now? Forget that diet which will turn you into a size zero. Just smile, be yourself and eat healthy. Your beauty will show. Of course if you have genes and a string of hit movies under your belt, that might help, too.