Promised a job in a foreign land, M was only 17 when she left her home country. Prospects of a better life soon dissipated when her sister and brother-in-law didn’t find her the job they promised. Instead, she was forced into a room with a few men and despite her tears and begging, her sister insisted that she had to pay for her travel expenses and boarding. She had sex with 12 men a week. Her virginity was taken away from her and she feared contracting sexual diseases such as herpes, syphilis and AIDS. She was forced to reveal her body and let strange men squeeze her tits and do as they like to her. Another girl who shared a similar fate with her even had to have an abortion. M had no one to turn to for her sister was her only relative and contact.

Human trafficking is a heart-breaking tale of human beings preying on their fellow men and women to profit themselves. Women and children are sold like slaves and exposed to sexual activities with different men. While animals kill and breed for survival, human beings do it for large sums of money. Innocent young girls from poverty-stricken countries are targeted for they are the most easily duped and have hopes of finding better-paying jobs in another country. This tragedy of mankind is being played again and again in motels and bedrooms all over the world. Men are fascinated with tits, female bodies, virgins and sexual intercourse. Their ravenous desire feeds a cruel and appalling flesh trade.

Punishment must be severe enough to deter man or woman from trafficking their fellow human beings. The living standards and educational level of poor countries need to be upgraded so that women and children are aware of their rights and the dangers that await them. Sex is a natural cycle of human survival but it becomes unnatural and undesirable when it is abused. Exposed like the naked women in their forced prostitution, human trafficking must be curbed.