6.jpgAn English lesson turned into murder when an English teacher was buried in a bathtub of sand in the house of a young Japanese man. Workers in a café where Lindsay Hawker was last seen on security cameras, remembered seeing a sexy and beautiful foreign woman leave the café with 28-year-old Tatsuya Ichihashi. Hawker was later found naked and suffocated in a bathtub full of sand on the balcony at Ichihashi’s apartment with bruises on her body. Ichihashi escaped police arrest after the incident.

Violent and sexual crime is shocking in conservative Japan. Furthermore, the murder involves a beautiful foreigner who was working in Japan, thus provoking international attention. What is the motive behind the crime? Rape? Desire? Sexual gratification? Illicit love affair? Or is Ichihashi a sexual maniac and psycho? Was there any sexual element in the crime? The manner of Hawker’s death and beautiful, sexy pictures of the woman in her prime seem to hint that the crime must be of a sexual and possibly violent nature. Hawker’s father appealed to the public for the suspect of the case to be handed to police.