World’s Tiniest Dog

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Dancer, a rust-coloured, long-haired Chihuahua may just be the world’s smallest dog! Dancer’s owner is on his way to get it being named as the world’s smallest living dog by Guinness World Records. Dancer was born in June 8, 2006. The dog can’t officially claim the title until he is one year old. Dancer is slightly smaller at 4.1inches. The existing smallest dog record holder is Danka Kordak from Slovakia. Danka Kordak measured 5.4 inches high. However, the dog has passed away.


Asuka Yanagi Japan Sexy Girl Photos Gallery

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Asuka Yanagi (柳明日香), a  Japanese hot super model who was born on 22 March, 1980 in Japan. Just want to share the hot & sexy photos of Asuka Yanagi ( A Japanese hot girl who most man desired to meet) with all of you ……

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All-New German Shift Knob LCD

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Just imagine that this amazing gadget can tell you what gear you’re in when you learn how to drive a stick !!! Here is the coolest factor to make gadget fans happy !!! This all-new German shify knob has an LCD which displays what cog your transmission is residing.The gear has to be programmed first as you need to assign gear numbers to depending on your car’s specific position.

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Sexist Watch Advert

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Stewardess are loose and immoral and have no qualms about sleeping with pilots. In fact they would jump into bed with one if given a chance. This is the implication of an advert for IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot’s Watch which carried the tagline ‘Often seen on stewardess’ bedside tables.’ The ad also describes the watch as ‘engineered for men’, ‘not infrequently spotted in bedrooms’, and claims that its seven-day battery reserve ‘means to you can afford to stay in bed that little bit longer than usual.’

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Technology: Bane or Boon in Education?

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Technology can help to stimulate interest and enhance learning in the classroom. But it can also cause cheating and play havoc to assessment in education. Duke University in North Carolina found that supplying iPods to students of music, engineering and sociology help to improve their performance. But iPods have also been widely used in schools and universities to cheat in exams. Students use iPod–compatible voice recorders to record test answers in advance and then play them back during exams. Others download notes onto the music players and conceal them among song lyrics.

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Stephen Hawking: I Can Somersault!

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Stephen Hawking was born with the paralyzing disease, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. But today he is flying in the air. The disease which confines him to a wheelchair for life and leaves him unable to move any muscles on his body except his face, does not deter him from joining the two-hour space program which creates 25-second bursts of weightlessness as it makes parabolic plunges. Hawking had a taste of total weightlessness and freedom during the Zero Gravity jet flight which pleasures him excessively. He made two full flips or somersaults as though he did not have his disability. The jet flight leaves him hunger for more and his next mission: a suborbital flight.

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Abusive Husbands, Better Sexual Partners

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Husbands who abuse their wives are better at housework and making love. This is not due to guilt after a series of violence or beating. In fact, after torturing their wives, the men are given psychotropic medicine to treat their abusive nature. A man who takes psychotropic pills such as amphetamine will feel energetic and take part vigorously in housework and make love for up to two hours at one time. The woman enjoys the free household help and sexual attention from their partner.

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