shakira-108jpg.jpgIt is difficult to catch up with the nationality of stars lately. Does such a thing still exist anyway in this global and shrinking world? We don’t care where somebody comes from as long as she can sing, dance or entertain us. The more exotic the country, the more appealing the star appears. Shakira, who hails from Colombia, embraces the culture and life in India after a performance in the exciting city of Mumbai. She went on a shopping spree of cotton saree (sexy Indian costume made from layers and layers of cloth), books on Indian spirituality (karma sutra must be top on the list), and even Indian superstitions (a good luck charm). Hotel staff downloaded lots of Indian songs and music for her. Wonder if they are copyright or pirated versions?

The sexy and glamorous singer can match a Bollywood sex symbol any day. Her sexy body with rounded tits or full breasts, beautiful buttocks and dazzling eyes will charm a man – Indian or otherwise – any time. When she dances on stage and reveals her sweaty body, swaying hips, and the deep cleavage between the beautiful tits, men must be going hard down there. Sh…Shakira is one sexy singer with international charm and global appeal. Here are some sexy and semi nude photos of Shakira: