equus_col5_hires.jpgWho is Daniel Radcliffe? The Harry Potter star is appearing nude in the revival of a controversial play ‘Equus.’ Like many sexy actresses and women who flaunt their bodies and bare their breasts to attract publicity, Radcliffe is exposing his naked body and buttocks in a London play in a bid to change his image from the well-known boy magician to a serious young actor with credible roles. But the controversial play was overshadowed by the bigger than life Harry Potter actor.

Fans crowded the Giegud Theatre every night with Harry Potter merchandise for the child actor to sign. Radcliffe can shed his clothes but cannot shed his image as the popular Harry Potter. What’s he going to do next? Shave his head bald? Act in a kungfu movie with flying kicks and flowing robes? Or appear in a pornographic movie with Britney Spears or Katherine Mcphee? Was the Harry Potter role a curse he could not ever get rid of, much as the scar on his head and the legacy of his birth in Harry Potter? By the way, how does Radcliffe’s bum appear on stage? Pale, tingling, sensitive, and disgusting. It’s like seeing a child being forced into prostitution. But perhaps the magical aura that surrounds him makes the sight appear tolerable. And he’ll grow to be an adult yet.

Daniel Radcliffe’s naked slideshow in Equus