Flicka in Swedish means ‘beautiful young girl.’ This is a movie about a beautiful, young and wild girl, Katy McLaughlin (Alison Lohman) who grows up on the ranch and loves the beauty and wilderness of Wyoming which runs in her blood. She finds a mustang, a wild horse, on the mountains in a surprise encounter with a mountain cougar. The mustang not only saves her life, but Katy falls in love at first sight with this wild, spirited and beautiful horse – a mirror image of herself. She names the mustang Flicka. Thereafter begins her struggle to save the filly from the mountain lion, and the rodeo, by first breaking her. Katy herself struggles and fights against attempts by her father to discipline her and provide her with a college education – her spirit refuses to be stifled just as the mustang refused initially to be harnessed and tamed. Love and gentle patience ultimately overcame the hostility of both girl and mustang as they find the freedom they live for in the wild mountains of Wyoming.

In an ironic twist, Katy’s brother, is also trapped in the role of the rancher son when he actually yearns to be out of Wyoming. But the tension of the father-daughter and father-son relationship does not detract from the love that binds the family. Katy’s mother (Maria Bello) plays a large part in reinforcing the love and closeness of the family despite their tension and disagreements. Her understanding and gentle humor helps to bring together the headstrong Katy and her domineering father. The tender sister-brother ties between Katy and her brother also reveal some heart-warming moments in the movie. Subtle and touching, these scenes gradually reveal the yearnings and struggles of the two young people who are trapped in the roles set for them in life.

There are no overtly sexual scenes in this movie – no naked breasts, sexy clothes, nude buttocks, or sexual romp in the hay. The movie stresses family love and is about the coming of age of Katy, her father, her brother and Flicka. The natural beauty of Wyoming is revealed in its majestic splendor and the proud but isolated life of the ranchers is highlighted. You don’t have to be a horse-lover to love this movie with its tender moments, interesting plot, beautiful setting, and remarkable characters.

The trailer of Flicka