We marvel at the realities we see on screen which are mere illusions. Anything is possible through computer-generated scenes. Who needs real settings, real animals or real stunts? We can have a car flip as many times as the editor wants before landing on its top and explode into flames. Tigers and lions can attack people and devour them to pieces in bloody brutality. Millions of warriors can march through expansive grounds or elaborate settings in fierce battles. The Milky Way is the limit.
The pseudopod in The Abyss marked CGIs acceptance in the visual effects industry.

As a result, viewers require more dramatic action and violent stunts to be entertained. Violence becomes unreal and viewers become desensitized to the dangers it poses in real life. As the explosions get bigger and the violence more exaggerated, people appear to think that they are immortal. Life becomes unreal and pain in others has to be magnified many folds to be felt or empathized. Kids jump off the balcony as Superman in the past. Youngsters nowadays imitate motorcycle stunts they see on screen which are probably computer generated. And ride to their graves. Will naked breasts and sex scenes be computer-generated too in the future?

When animation and live action combine, the end result is wonderful and mind-blowing cinematography. The slow and long-term effects are, however, not so obvious.