Schools expel 230 pupils a day over sex, drugs, violence and other offensive behaviour. What has come over our children in recent years? There seems to be as much crime in school as on the streets and school is no longer the safe haven it used to be. Pornography, gangsterism, teenage sex and abortion, fighting, drug trafficking– these are among some of the problems in our children’s schools nowadays. Education has never been truer to reality and life outside the classroom.
School: Sex and Drugs Haven?

What is the cause? Is it due to the breakdown of the family unit where divorces and broken families are the norm, or the bad example shown by the children’s parents? The disintegration of the family has certainly accelerated over the years and the figures correspond with the increase rates of crime and misbehaviour in school. Besides, children take drugs, watch pornography, smoke, or drink alcohol because they see their parents doing it. Or could problems in school be influenced by the Internet and the mass media? As technology advances, exposure to information, whether banned or legal, has been easily available. As a result, children as young as six or eight can access nude photos, sexually explicit movies, exposed breasts, naked bodies and lustful scenes if they are computer or gadget savvy. Not surprisingly, 250 students were sent home last year for sexual misconduct including sexual assault, sexual abuse, lewd behaviour, and sexually motivated bullying.

Our education system also focuses on paper chase rather than instilling wisdom and moral values in youngsters. Students study to get through exam, score As, and graduate from university. Studying history is about passing the final exam and not to learn from our past what is right and wrong. Cramming for biology unfortunately does not impress on one the need to take care of our body and respect others’. Writing about Shakespeare’s play for that final year project does not instil in one the wisdom that is inherent in the play.

Doesn’t school need a revamp in certain areas? The changing values of society indicate that children need more guidance in their lives, not less. The information explosion means young people need more help in navigating and selecting useful pieces out of the junk. The draconian and outdated aspects of the education system need to be changed to satisfy current needs and practicalities. We don’t want our children to be corrupted in school before they even enter society to start their own family or the workplace. They should be empowered, not maimed and demoralised.