kelly-brook.jpgYou see photos of sexy women with small waists and big tits or breasts. They have alluring, seductive and beautiful bodies. They never seem to put on weight. They ooze sexuality and sex appeal. When they are caught in nude photos or semi-naked photos, their half-exposed breasts are displayed but there are no unseemly layers of fat on their bodies. Actresses with curves like Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta-Zones, Gong Li, and Jessica Alba also catch the imagination with their sexy curves – big breasts, narrow waists, and full hips. They are what many deem the ideal woman or dream girl.

For many ordinary people, to have a to-die-for body like this is not easy. Many look like Oprah Winfrey but want a sexy and beautiful body overnight. They have no time for exercise or a healthy diet. Thus, they resort to a crash diet, slimming pills or plastic surgery. But experts say there is no short cut to a slim and sexy or beautifully curvaceous body.

Slimming pills especially don’t work and may have severe side effects on users. The size zero pills work in different ways but they all affect the natural functioning of the body. These drugs are known as anorectics and are becoming increasingly popular amongst Internet users. Sibutramine changes the chemical messages in the brain to suppress appetite. Orlistat, another type of sliming drug, reduces the amount of fat that enters the bloodstream. Some appetite suppressants are addictive while some have fatal side effects according to UN’s International Narcotics Board. Among the dangerous effects of slimming drugs are panic states, aggressive or violent behaviour, hallucinations, respiratory depression, convulsions, coma, and death. In the words of a user: Slimming pills cause stomachache problems, sexual problems, as well as heart, liver, and kidney problems.

The case of 21-year-old Brazilian supermodel Ana Carolina Reston who died of anorexia is a case in point. She reportedly lived only on apples and tomatoes and took a cocktail of slimming pills before she died. Anorectics or anti-obesity medication are meant for cases of life-threatening obesity and Attention Deficit Disorder; therefore, they should only be prescribed and monitored by doctors.

Some slimming pills on the Internet boast that they are 100% safe and use natural ingredients or organic substances. Testimonials by users of successful slimming experiences are highly convincing. There are photos of the users before and after consuming the slimming pills. A woman claimed: I lost 20lbs in 3 weeks. Many also claim to be extremely effective, but this is not 100% accurate.

Can beauty be bought? Is there a short cut to a sexy body, beautiful breasts and slim waistlines? Well, many people think yes and hope for the best. But many experts are saying no. One has to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise and observe a healthy diet to have that ideal body. As for the bustline, one probably needs to go under the knife if one doesn’t already have it.