In ‘Equus’ , Harry Potter nearly has sex with an equally naked young woman, Joanna Christie.

Daniel Radcliffe in the role to appear naked and symbolically blind six horses , shook off the mantle of Harry Potter to win rave reviews for his stage portrayal of a tortured teenager in the grueling psychological thriller “Equus.”

It was a little weird at first to see Harry Potter right there on the stage without his pants, …

or indeed any of his clothes.

Playing a stable boy who has an erotic relationship with his horses

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Not actually Harry Potter, of course, since he is fictional, but the next best thing: Daniel Radcliffe, who plays him in the movies. Now 17, Mr. Radcliffe has cast off his wand, his broomstick and everything else to appear in the West End revival of Peter Shaffer’s “Equus.” He stars as Alan Strang, a disturbed young man who, in a distinctly un-Harry-Potterish moment of frenzied psychosexual madness, blinds six horses with a hoof pick.While Richard Griffiths, who performed the role of Potter’s vile Uncle Vernon in the Potter films, plays the psychiatrist trying to cure the deeply disturbed boy.

To make it clear what audiences are in for, at least in part, photographs of Mr. Radcliffe’s buff torso, stripped almost to the groin, have been used to advertise the production.

“Equus” , the consensus so far is that Mr. Radcliffe has successfully extricated himself from his cinematic alter ego. Considering that playing Harry Potter is practically all he has done in his career, this is no small achievement.

In The Daily Telegraph, Charles Spencer said that “Daniel Radcliffe brilliantly succeeds in throwing off the mantle of Harry Potter, announcing himself as a thrilling stage actor of unexpected depth and range.”

Meanwhile, Alan in “Equus” not only engages in some serious equi-erotic nuzzling with an actor playing a horse, but is also onstage, fully nude, for 10 minutes, during which he nearly has sex with an equally naked young woman.

“Equus,” which also stars Richard Griffiths as the unconventional psychiatrist who helps untangle Alan’s ecstatic madness and tortured imagination, is playing to sellout audiences at the Gielgud Theater here, and there is talk of transferring the production to Broadway, perhaps next season. Some people are drawn by interest in the play itself, which won the Tony Award for best play in 1975. Some come to see Mr. Griffiths, a seasoned actor who himself won a Tony Award last year for his role in “The History Boys.”

Then there are the Radcliffe fans, who have watched the actor negotiate the rocky path of adolescence right before their eyes. They have watched his Harry Potter fly through the air, forget to do his homework, talk to snakes, smite people with his magic wand, stay up past his bedtime and suffer any number of traumatic near-death experiences. Try as they might during the performance, they cannot completely de-Potter their minds.

He did an excellent play in both a wizard boy and a psycho patient and the fact everyone finally saw him naked! , at last.